Seashell Jewelry and Handicraft



is one of legal company have permitted from Indonesian trade and industry, and have legalized by minister of law.
No of register by NPWP : 0749/22-09/pk/XII/2002
The Company service shell and seashell raw or material like mother of pearl white, black mop shell, brown pinguin wing mop, conus kinds, yellow cowries shell and many kinds seashell from Asia pacific or Indonesia ocean
The company have direct producing all shell products , seashell kinds manufactures for jewelry, handicrafts, and interior design, mother of pearl is our concern products the company has factory directly for produce crafts,shell jewelry or all desighn products shell the company specialist for seashell jewelry and crafts producer and designer shell and seashell becoming beautyfull products art and inlay, jewelry, seashell crafts and seashell carving

Caspla own Head office for sales and marketing, own showroom or shop for retailer,warehouse for stocking, worker for producing and pactory machine for cuting proccessing.

Caspla employee all from balinese and some from java for producing manufacturing Caspla Bali have special worker secret from people view, that specialist for designer art carving shell for new product item The Caspla Bali owner 95% by IPUTU DARMAYA young boy from Bali,nusa penida and 5 % from his father by I WAYAN SERGEG the company build since 2001 starting from small shop year ago by IPUTU DARMAYA he allready have better company with professional handling exports

To making better price and quality for business customer and making practice order by Email to making better cost Value for all customer To making the best partner hold one client satisfied forever till the end.

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